Make My Day – The Start of Endless Wedding Inspiration


So here’s what’s happened…

I grew up thinking I was going to be on Getaway – the next Catriona Rowntree (only better!).

Then I decided I was going to be the next editor of Vogue. Then a travel writer. Then a florist.

Then nothing because it was all too hard. But now (finally!) after years of stress, self-torture and then all at once, self-discovery I’ve decided what I’d like to do with my life.

WEDDINGS! I would LOVE to be a bridal make-up artist and wedding stylist. So if you’re ever in need of some wedding inspiration or a place to look at pretty things, please come here.

Check out this amazing To The Sea photo shoot for One Fine Day’s Wedding Fair. I love everything about this shoot – the dress, the rustic furniture, the waterfront location, the beautifully wrapped bomboniere and last but not least, the flowers – like lollies for my eyes!