My Public Pledge

So this year hasn’t quite gone according to plan.

Throughout January I was determined that I would, after seven years, finally stop biting my nails, lose weight, establish an exciting career and find my Perfect Match. It’s now September.

I have however ticked one thing off my list.  In May I met Joel (A.K.A the most amazing man in the whole wide world – sorry ladies).

The rest unfortunately, are yet to be crossed off.  And since this year is almost over, I figure it’s now or never.

I made a commitment to myself this year to go after exactly what I want in life. This is my public pledge to do just that.

Karina x

Hello, Monday

Have you ever noticed how many people hate Monday?

I’m usually one of them.

But today is different.

Because today I realised that being grumpy is really unproductive and really unattractive. So instead I’m trying something new – I’m experimenting with the power of positive thinking in the hope of finding a new career.

One that will make Monday’s an absolute pleasure.

I’ll keep you posted.

Karina x