Welcome, Sasha Lowndes

Yesterday we got a dog! A gorgeous, seven month old black labrador named Sasha.

She is beautiful and kind and a pleasure to have around.

Welcome to the family Sasha Lowndes. We love you already!IMG_1001


Hooray! It’s Friday!


Friday’s are my favourite day of the week. I feel like I can take on anything because by 5:00 I’m free.

I’ve had such an amazing day already. I went for another morning run, got ready for work (packed some wine!) and went to the Farmer’s Markets near my house to buy some freshly baked German bread, strawberries and  a box of delicious portuguese tarts to take to Joel’s place tonight.

The sun is shining and life is good.

And just as I wrote this post – a delivery arrived for me at work! An entire box filled with tea and chocolates from Joel! I told you he’s amazing!

Best day ever!

Karina x

Hello, Monday

Have you ever noticed how many people hate Monday?

I’m usually one of them.

But today is different.

Because today I realised that being grumpy is really unproductive and really unattractive. So instead I’m trying something new – I’m experimenting with the power of positive thinking in the hope of finding a new career.

One that will make Monday’s an absolute pleasure.

I’ll keep you posted.

Karina x