It Was Mighty Fine

One Fine Day sure knows how to put on a show, even at night!


At the launch of their One Fine Day Wedding Fair last Friday evening, a selection of over 50 handpicked wedding vendors filled Sydney’s Australian Technology Park with enough fairy lights, lace and white lisianthus to last a lifetime. The result? Pure magic!


I stood by the entrance, mesmerised by the number of beautifully decorated stalls and gorgeous brides-to-be and immediately knew this is where I belonged. Karina Lowndes – Bridal Make-up Artist & Wedding Stylist (Coming soon…!)

According to their site, each year, One Fine Day invites Sydney’s most talented and innovative wedding professionals to showcase their services to hundreds of excited couples. It never specified that you had to be engaged though, so I took Joel, which was surprisingly a little awkward…

Her: “Are you looking for a celebrant?”

Me: No.

Her: “Oh, have you already booked one?”

Me: No.

Her: “Are you getting married in a church then?”

Me: No.

Her: “Oh okay, where are you getting married?”

Me: “I’m not getting married!” I finally confessed, unable to lie. “I just love weddings!” I thought to myself as I toddled off to go and introduce myself to Sophie – the brainchild behind Hello May Magazine and one of One Fine Day’s biggest sponsors.


If you didn’t already know, Hello May is a new, unconventional wedding magazine, blog and online directory – an essential one stop shop for any kinda-quirky bride. It’s also where I’ll be interning for the next three months so make sure you check them out! For a full list of OFD wedding vendors, click here.

Make My Day – The Start of Endless Wedding Inspiration


So here’s what’s happened…

I grew up thinking I was going to be on Getaway – the next Catriona Rowntree (only better!).

Then I decided I was going to be the next editor of Vogue. Then a travel writer. Then a florist.

Then nothing because it was all too hard. But now (finally!) after years of stress, self-torture and then all at once, self-discovery I’ve decided what I’d like to do with my life.

WEDDINGS! I would LOVE to be a bridal make-up artist and wedding stylist. So if you’re ever in need of some wedding inspiration or a place to look at pretty things, please come here.

Check out this amazing To The Sea photo shoot for One Fine Day’s Wedding Fair. I love everything about this shoot – the dress, the rustic furniture, the waterfront location, the beautifully wrapped bomboniere and last but not least, the flowers – like lollies for my eyes!


Welcome, Sasha Lowndes

Yesterday we got a dog! A gorgeous, seven month old black labrador named Sasha.

She is beautiful and kind and a pleasure to have around.

Welcome to the family Sasha Lowndes. We love you already!IMG_1001


Hooray! It’s Friday!


Friday’s are my favourite day of the week. I feel like I can take on anything because by 5:00 I’m free.

I’ve had such an amazing day already. I went for another morning run, got ready for work (packed some wine!) and went to the Farmer’s Markets near my house to buy some freshly baked German bread, strawberries and  a box of delicious portuguese tarts to take to Joel’s place tonight.

The sun is shining and life is good.

And just as I wrote this post – a delivery arrived for me at work! An entire box filled with tea and chocolates from Joel! I told you he’s amazing!

Best day ever!

Karina x

My Public Pledge

So this year hasn’t quite gone according to plan.

Throughout January I was determined that I would, after seven years, finally stop biting my nails, lose weight, establish an exciting career and find my Perfect Match. It’s now September.

I have however ticked one thing off my list.  In May I met Joel (A.K.A the most amazing man in the whole wide world – sorry ladies).

The rest unfortunately, are yet to be crossed off.  And since this year is almost over, I figure it’s now or never.

I made a commitment to myself this year to go after exactly what I want in life. This is my public pledge to do just that.

Karina x